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Over the past few years, Fortnite has become nothing short of a worldwide gaming phenomenon. Since its release in 2017, the popular Battle Royale game has amassed over 350 million players across multiple platforms. Its colorful graphics, fun gameplay, and constant updates have made it hugely popular, especially among young gamers. 

As Fortnite’s popularity skyrocketed, the game expanded beyond consoles and PCs. Fortnite watches have emerged as trendy accessories that let fans carry their love for the game with them everywhere. With eye-catching Fortnite themes and designs, these watches have quickly become coveted items among devoted Fortnite players.

What Are Fortnite Watches?

Fortnite watches feature colorful wristwatches styled with various Fortnite themes and motifs. Many showcase popular skins, characters, harvesting tools, gliders, and more from the hit game. The most popular watches highlight fan-favorite elements like Raven, Black Knight, Omega, and Skull Trooper skins alongside iconic weapons and items like pickaxes. 

These watches allow Fortnite fans to prominently display their passion for the game in their accessories. Most feature digital or analog displays paired with brightly colored silicone or stainless steel bands printed with Fortnite graphics. The overall package creates a fun Fortnite-flavored accessory.

Popularity Among Fans

Fortnite watches have become extremely popular items, especially among young Fortnite gamers. For many fans, these watches represent a way to publicly broadcast their enthusiasm for the game they love. The eye-catching themes and colorful Fortnite elements make a bold statement.

Fans also love that Fortnite watches incorporate iconic skins, tools, gliders, and more into a wearable package. Strolling through school hallways or playgrounds with Raven and Omega staring from their watch band gives bragging rights. The ability to subtly floss the newest Fortnite emote with a quick glance at their watch also offers a bit of secret fun.

For devoted players heavily invested in skins, weapons, building skills, and victories, a Fortnite watch serves as a badge of honor. The watch displays signify time spent mastering the game and conquering Battle Royale challenges.

Where to Buy the Watches

Fortnite watches have flooded the market over the past year, and many major retailers now carry an array of styles. Amazon offers one of the widest selections, with over two dozen different Fortnite watch options from various toy vendors. 

Walmart also stocks numerous choices, primarily from accessory companies like Dynasty Toys and GB Eye. Even Target includes a handful of Fortnite watch SKUs for fans seeking options.

Those wanting expansion beyond mass-market selections can also find specialty Fortnite watches on sites like Etsy. Custom watch vendors on Etsy allow purchasing singular styles or even customized designs.

Major Fortnite Watch Brands

While fans can find Fortnite watches across dozens of companies, a few brands produce the most popular options:

Dynasty Toys: One of the leaders in licensed Fortnite products, Dynasty Toys offers one of the largest Fortnite watch collections. Their lineup includes analog, digital, and smartwatch options decked out with Fortnite themes.

GB Eye: This accessories company licenses a slew of pop culture brands for their watch lines, including many Fortnite varieties. Eye-catching Fortnite watch faces get paired with molded silicone bands.  

Revenge: Focusing on alternative culture and gaming apparel, Revenge branched into watchmaking with officially licensed Fortnite varieties sold exclusively through Hot Topic.

Fortnite Kid Watches: As their name suggests, this company focuses solely on kids’ watches, including multiple Fortnite styles. Their watches feature large LCD screens with animations.

Evoke: Taking a high fashion angle towards Fortnite; Evoke creates stainless steel mesh and leather band watches showcasing classy gameplay motifs.

Most Popular Fortnite Watch Designs

Certain Fortnite watch designs stand above the rest in popularity. These often showcase the game’s most iconic elements that fans instantly connect with:

Raven Watch: Featuring the dark hooded Raven outfit against a deep purple band, this watch remains many fans’ top choice. The imposing skin perfectly embodies Fortnite essence.

Skull Trooper: Glowing eyes and a white skeletal mask on a black background represent the OG Skull Trooper on this watch. As Fortnite’s original rare skin, it retains supreme popularity. 

Omega Skin: As the coveted Tier 100 reward in Season 4, Omega skins still carry prestige. This legendary outfit on a watch proves the wearer’s Fortnite prowess. 

Llama Design: Given the Llama’s status as Fortnite’s quirky mascot possessing prized weapons and gear, Llama visage watches win big. Their zany appearance encapsulates Fortnite humor.


With colorful designs tapping into popular Fortnite skins, characters, and tools, Fortnite game watches clearly resonate with fans. Allowing gamers to proudly showcase elements from their favorite game builds strong appeal. As Fortnite continues ascending into a cultural touchstone, expect Fortnite watches to rank among fans’ most sought-after accessories for years to come.

Some Commonly Asked Questions and Answers About Fortnite Watches

What are Fortnite watches?

Fortnite watches are wristwatches featuring various themes, characters, skins, and weapons from the popular video game Fortnite. They allow fans to showcase their love for the game through their accessories.

What kinds of Fortnite watch designs are available?

There are watches showcasing popular Fortnite skins like Raven, Black Knight, Skull Trooper, and Omega. Other designs highlight weapons like pickaxes, characters like Llama, and general motifs related to the game’s graphics and style.

Where can I buy a Fortnite watch?

Fortnite watches are sold at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target. Specialty watches are also available on sites like Etsy. Some major Fortnite watch brands include Dynasty Toys, GB Eye, Revenge, and Fortnite Kid Watches.

How much do Fortnite watches cost?

Prices typically range from around $10 to $60 depending on the brand, whether officially licensed, materials used, and watch functionality. More basic digital and analog watches tend to be on the lower end, while smartwatches and high fashion collaborations cost more.

What are the most popular Fortnite watch designs?  

The Raven, Skull Trooper, Omega skin, and Llama-themed watches are some of the most popular. These highlight emblematic Fortnite characters and images that fans relate to strongly.

Are Fortnite watches just for kids?

While extremely popular with younger Fortnite gamers, some brands offer higher-end watches targeting adult fans and collectors interested in subtler or more stylish designs.

Do Fortnite watches show in-game content?

Some digital or smart Fortnite watches can connect to player accounts to track battle pass progress, challenges, scores, and stats. This allows fans to check their in-game progression from their wrist.

Are Fortnite watches durable? Can I swim or shower with them?

Durability and waterproofing vary among Fortnite watch types. Basic analog designs may not be waterproof, while lightweight silicon digital and smartwatches often do allow swimming or showering with the watch on. Check the specifications for your exact model.

Do Fortnite watches need to be charged?

Standard analog and digital watches use replaceable coin cell watch batteries that typically last over a year. Smartwatches with connectivity features require regular charging via USB, lasting around five days before needing to be recharged.

Can I change the Fortnite watch face or band?  

With most standard models, the watch face and band come in a fixed Fortnite theme. Some premium collaborations with watchmakers or custom Etsy designers allow requesting customized faces or selecting alternate bands.


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