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So, mobile photography has recently taken off. People are snapping photos and shooting videos right from their Android devices, thanks to significantly improved smartphone cameras. And do you know where that leads? There is a huge demand for photo editing apps for android that allow you to jazz up, fix, and amp up your images on the fly. It all comes down to making your photos stand out!

Are you looking for a photo app for your Android? The Google Play Store has a tonne of free and paid apps. Some are simple with filters and cropping, while others go full Photoshop. With so many options, which ones truly excel at image editing on your Android?

Here is a look at the top photo editing apps for Android that are genuinely useful, intuitive, and give you professional editing capabilities on your mobile device.

 Adobe Photoshop Express

As the name implies, Photoshop Express is Adobe’s stripped down mobile version of the industry standard Photoshop photo editing software. The Express version contains many of the core image editing features that made Photoshop famous.

The app allows you to easily crop, straighten, rotate, and flip photos. You can eliminate red eye, blemishes, and other image imperfections using one-touch tools. Adjustments like exposure, contrast, color saturation are readily available. There are also plenty of fun filters, frames, and effects to stylize your images.

A big plus with Adobe apps is seamless cloud syncing. When you edit photos in Photoshop Express, the changes are saved and synced across your devices.

Photoshop Express is free to download and use with some additional features available via in-app purchase. It is one of the most feature-rich basic photo editing apps available for Android. The interface is slick, intuitive, and responds quickly. For basic rotating, cropping, and filtering, Photoshop Express is hard to beat.


Originally created by Nik Software and now owned by Google, Snapseed is another highly potent photo editor free for Android devices. Snapseed has a huge range of tools packed into its toolbar for tuning, enhancing, and transforming images.

Some of the features include:

● Tuning tools for adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, white balance, etc.

● A healing tool for removing blemishes and other imperfections.

● Selective adjust brushes that allow you to paint adjustments onto specific areas of photos.

● A perspective tool for skewing and straightening buildings or objects.

● Color and black & white filters.

● Tilt-shift for creating artificial depth of field.

● Grainy film effects.

● Vignettes, frames, and text overlays.

Snapseed allows you to stack edits on top of one another to create highly customized images. The U-Point technology makes it easy to precisely apply tools with your finger. Overall the app provides desktop-level control over tuning and enhancing photos in a touch-optimized interface. For in-depth editing capabilities on Android, Snapseed shines.


PicsArt has grown into one of the most popular all-around creative apps for mobile. In addition to powerful photo editing tools like overlays, borders, collage making, the app includes a drawing tool, clipart stickers, text fonts, and more.

On the editing side you get filters, effects like tilt-shift, fish-eye, and cartoon. There are tools for adjusting curves, contrast, brightness and more. Any edits can be layered on top of each other for truly unique creations.

The Pics Art community is another fun feature. You can upload photos and edit other people’s images. There are challenges to participate in and inspiration from creativity on display.

Pics Art contains in-app purchases for things like more filters, overlays, and removing ads. But the free version still provides an immense amount of creative freedom. If you are looking for an Android app that combines powerful editing with social creative fun, check out PicsArt.

 Adobe Lightroom CC

Serious photographers should appreciate having the editing power of Adobe Lightroom right on their Android device. As part of Creative Cloud, Lightroom CC offers professional-level photo management with cloud syncing across devices.

The Android app provides the core Lightroom experience tailored for mobile screens. You can import photos, organize them, and apply metadata. The editing tools allow precise adjustments to color balance, tone curves, black and white conversion, and more. The app supports RAW format images for maximum editing headroom.

Lightroom makes it easy to sync your image library and edits to the cloud. Images can be accessed from Lightroom on desktop, web, and mobile with changes synced automatically. If you want deep editing on a per image basis, Lightroom CC is hard to match.

The mobile app does require a paid Creative Cloud subscription. But for photography enthusiasts who want full-featured editing that syncs across devices, the Lightroom CC app provides it.


Polarr offers a powerful free photo editor on Android with advanced auto-enhance tools and precise manual tuning. It makes the process easy for you to achieve polished looking images.

The auto-enhance feature intelligently analyzes a photo and applies adjustments for color, lighting, detail, and more. The controls are granular for color editing HSL sliders, curves, vignette, and other pro adjustments. You can easily crop, draw, add text, apply filters, and more.

Polarr also makes it fast to organize your image library, rate favorites, and batch edit multiple photos at once. Other standout features include lens correction, noise removal, and local adjustments with masks.

With its combination of auto-enhancement and pro manual tuning, Polarr is a great choice for getting the most out of your photos with efficient editing on Android.


While many editing apps now include blemish and object removal tools, TouchRetouch focuses specifically on removal capabilities using content-aware fill technology.

It can remove unexpected objects that sneak into the background of a photo like power lines and fence posts. You can eliminate pimples and skin blemishes. It also works great for taking people or whole objects out of a photo.

You simply mark what you want to delete with a couple taps or a lasso selection. TouchRetouch will intelligently fill using surrounding content. It looks very realistic though not always perfect.

As a dedicated removal and retouching app, TouchRetouch provides useful editing capability missing from general purpose photo apps. While not free, the results are compelling enough to be worth the price.

All Over

Thanks to the advancing capabilities of smartphone cameras, mobile photo editing is more important than ever for Android users. With a good app, you can take photos to the next level and have full creative flexibility right on your phone.

The options featured here like Photoshop Express, Snapseed, Lightroom, and Polarr provide robust tools tailored for smaller screens. You can do everything from applying fun filters to advanced retouching jobs. Even powerful desktop apps like Photoshop and Lightroom now have excellent Android versions.

The accessibility of mobile photo editing means anyone can stylize and enhance their pictures on the go. Give your smartphone images a boost with one of the most popular Android photo editing apps available today.

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