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Boost you’ree should be at the top of your list for an affordable cell phone plan. Not only does Boost offer budget-friendly data and talk and text options, but many of their projects also come with a free phone. So you can get connected while saving money upfront on a handset. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll overview the carrier’s options, free phone offerings, network coverage and more details to consider when signing up for Boost Mobile.

What Is Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile is a prepaid wireless carrier owned by Dish Network. The company utilizes TT-Mobile’s 5G and 4G LTE networks to provide coverage. 

Some key things to know upfront about Boost Mobile:

  • No contracts. All of BBoost’splans are month-to-month without any long-term commitments. You pay for service upfront each month.
  • Prepaid plans. You add money to your account in advance to pay for service instead of getting a monthly bill.
  • Bring Your Device. If you already have a compatible unlocked phone, bring it to Boost and save money upfront rather than buying a new one.
  • Tax-inclusive pricing. The advertised monthly rate for plans includes all taxes and fees, so there are no surprises.
  • Mobile hotspot. All current unlimited data plans include mobile hotspot streaming, allowing you to connect other devices to your phone connection.
  • 5G access. Boost uses TT-Mobile’s 5G and 4G LTE networks, giving you fast data speeds and reliable service.

Next, look at BBoost’s plan options, phone offerings, and tips for choosing the right plan.

Boost MMobile’sPlan Options and Pricing

Boost Mobile offers unlimited monthly data plans for individuals and families ranging from $15 to $50. Their unlimited plans include unlimited nationwide talk and text.

Here is an overview of current plan options:

$15 per monthThis introductory unlimited talk and text plan is a great, affordable option for light data users. It includes 1GB of high-speed data and complete 2G speed data afterwards.
$25 per monthFor just $10 more, you can get BBoost’s most popular plan, which includes 15GB of high-speed data and mobile hotspot streaming.
$35 per monthBBoost’s35GB plan steps up to higher priority data when the network is congested, ensuring faster speeds. This plan also allows 1080p HD streaming.  
$50 per month per lineBBoost’s BBoost’sunlimited premium plan offers unlimited high-speed data without any throttling. It also includes 50GB of mobile hotspot data.

Boost also offers discounted plans for adding extra lines. For example, you can add a second line to the $25 monthly plan for just an additional $20 monthly.

When choosing a plan, consider how much high-speed data you typically use monthly on your phone. For example, the 1GB and 15GB plans are cost-effective if you mainly use your phone for talking, texting, emailing, and light web browsing. But if you stream a lot of video or music, the unlimited premium plan ensures you won’t face any slowdowns.

Phones You Can Get For Free With Boost Mobile

One of the best perks of choosing Boost Mobile is that you can often get free phones with the service. So you can save monthly money on your cell plan and avoid a significant upfront cost on a handset.

Boost offers a variety of primary, smartphone and higher-end phones that typically range in value from $50 to $500 when you sign up for service. Supply varies monthly, but here are some examples of phones Boost offers for free or very low cost:

  • Apple iPhone SE (2022 model)
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G
  • Apple iPhone XR
  • Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A13 5G
  • TCL 30 XE 5G
  • Nokia C100

Of course, you can also use your own compatible or unlocked phone with Boost service. But if you need a new mobile device, ask about current promotions for free and discounted phones.

Add a new line of service, and you likely qualify for BBoost’s best free phones, depending on monthly promotions. When switching to Boost Mobile, you can sometimes get discounted or free phones from another carrier.

What is Boost MMobile’sNetwork Coverage Like?

When considering Boost Mobile, it’s also good to understand where the service will work well. As mentioned, Boost utilizes TT-Mobile’s 4G LTE and nationwide 5G networks.

T-Mobile 5G offers fast low and mid-band 5G with average download speeds around 300 Mbps. However, some rural areas may still be limited to 3G or partner coverage.

To check Boost MMobile’scoverage in your area, use this coverage lookup tool. Be sure to toggle between 5G, 4G LTE, and 3G coverage.

You’ll get the best Boost Mobile reception and data speeds in larger metro areas, cities, and towns nationwide. But there is also decent 4G LTE coverage across most rural regions these days on partner networks.

What Are the Main Pros of Choosing Boost Mobile?

To summarize some of the key advantages that make Boost Mobile stand out:

No Long Term Contracts 

 You can change plans or carriers anytime since Boost does not require annual contracts.

Affordable Prices

Boost offers highly competitively priced data plans and family discounts that cost much less than major postpaid carriers.

Latest 5G Phones for Free

When activating service, you won’t pay anything upfront for a brand new 5G smartphone like the iPhone SE.

Reliable Nationwide Cellular Network  

Boost taps into TT-Mobile’s nationwide 5G and fast 4G LTE coverage that works well throughout most of the country.

Mobile Hotspot Included 

BBoost’s plan options include handy mobile hotspot streaming at no extra charge to connect laptops and tablets to your phone’s data.

Referral Rewards Program

You can earn $50 or a free month of service for every friend you refer to Boost Mobile.

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Ready to Sign Up for a Free Phone and Affordable Cell Plan?

We hope this guide has provided valuable details about getting free phone offers when you switch to Boost Mobile prepaid cell service.

The carrier makes connecting with budget-friendly plans, incentives like exclusive phone deals, and reliable nationwide coverage affordable.

Order online or visit your local Boost Mobile store for an affordable cell plan and a free new device. You can also call (866) 402-7366 to speak with a Boost Mobile specialist who can answer any other questions.

They’ll help you determine the right prepaid plan based on your data needs. And advise what free phones, if any, are currently available with new activations and port-ins.

So don’t wait to ditch your expensive wireless bill and get a brand-new phone at no cost! Switch to Boost Mobile today.

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