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Choosing the best mobile network provider in the UK can be a difficult decision with so many options available. Key factors to consider when comparing UK mobile providers include coverage, speed, value for money, customer service, roaming, and extra perks. By evaluating carriers across these categories, consumers can determine which provider is the best fit for their needs and budget. This article examines the top contenders for the best UK mobile network – EE, Vodafone, O2, and Three – and compares their offerings across essential criteria.

Network Coverage

A carrier’s network coverage is critical for achieving reliable mobile service across the UK. Network provider EE has the most expansive coverage in the UK, providing robust and consistent connections even in rural areas. EE mobile covers 90% of the UK’s geography and reaches over 99% of the population.

Both Vodafone and O2 also offer strong coverage nationally but may have some gaps in rural spots. Three has focused recent network investments on urban areas, delivering reliable mobile service in populated cities and towns but trailing in the countryside. For the most widespread UK network coverage and fewer dead zones, EE excels as the best provider.

Network Speeds 

Fast mobile internet is essential for today’s data-hungry apps and services. EE offers the fastest average network speeds for both 3G and 4G among UK providers. In OpenSignal’s testing, EE achieved 33Mbps download speeds, ahead of Vodafone, Three, and O2. EE has the highest quantity of spectrum holdings in the UK, fueling faster data service.

Vodafone and Three are not far behind EE for mobile internet speeds generally. O2 brings up the rear, with slower average connection rates. For the fastest mobile broadband experience throughout Britain, network speed tests indicate EE performs best.

Value for Money

While network quality is crucial, cost still plays an essential role in selecting the top UK carrier. Three stands out for providing affordable unlimited data plans, making it the best value mobile provider overall. Their unlimited data, calls and text deals start at just £10 per month. Three also offers the lowest rates for global roaming in 70+ countries.

By comparison, unlimited deals on EE, Vodafone and O2 cost two to three times higher. For budget-friendly service, Three gives users the most bang for their buck.

Customer Service Ratings

In addition to network quality and affordability, customer service satisfaction is a key metric for the best-performing mobile operators. According to Ofcom research, mobile customers rate EE’s customer service higher than that of competitors. EE scored 7.6 out of 10 for overall customer satisfaction, compared to industry average scores between 7.0 and 7.4 for other major providers.

Response times for calls and inquiries tend to be quicker with EE versus rivals. When problems hit mobile networks, attentive and responsive customer support teams are critical for resolution. EE excels in this area.  

Roaming Abilities 

For Brits travelling internationally, mobile roaming capabilities are an important consideration. All major UK network providers enable roaming throughout Europe and beyond at no extra charge, thanks to EU regulations. However, some carriers offer better global roaming experiences than others in terms of countries covered and data speeds while roaming.

EE provides worry-free roaming across 110 destinations, compared to just over 100 nations covered by Three and Vodafone and 95 with O2. Reviewers also highlight EE’s superior data speeds while roaming relative to others.

Extra Mobile Perks

Lastly, special perks and benefits offered can sweeten the deal when choosing your mobile operator. As the UK’s largest mobile network, EE entices customers with exclusive entertainment extras. Subscribers get access to BT Sport, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime Video through select EE plans. Vodafone competes with its own perks like Spotify Premium or YouTube Premium bundled options.

Three and O2 offer less in the way of streaming freebies or giveaways relative to the biggest carriers. For the most entertainment extras as a mobile user, EE and Vodafone have an edge.

The Best Overall UK Mobile Network Provider

While all four major players have strengths across different categories, EE consistently comes out on top as the best mobile network in the UK overall. With superior nationwide coverage, fastest speeds, top-rated customer service, pervasive roaming, and enticing extras, EE satisfies across the board. The company has built the most advanced UK infrastructure and mobile ecosystem to power next-generation needs.

For these reasons, industry experts and consumers alike recognize EE as Britain’s leading mobile carrier. Considering core aspects like network reach, data speeds, affordability, customer support, and roaming, EE shines as the #1 provider in the country.


What are the major mobile networks in the UK?

The four major mobile networks in the UK are EE, Vodafone, O2, and Three. Virgin Mobile also operates in the UK using EE’s network infrastructure.

Which UK mobile network has the best coverage?

EE has the most extensive network coverage in the UK, providing service to over 99% of the population. Their coverage spans approximately 90% of the UK’s geography.

Which UK provider has the fastest mobile internet speeds?

In network speed tests, EE consistently comes out on top for both 3G and 4G speeds across the UK. OpenSignal testing showed EE achieving average download speeds of 33Mbps, faster than rivals.

Which is the cheapest UK mobile network?

For affordable unlimited data deals, Three offers the lowest monthly rates, starting at just £10. They also provide free roaming in over 70 destinations, giving users the most value.

Which UK mobile company has the most satisfied customers?

Customer satisfaction surveys by Ofcom determined EE receives the highest ratings for customer service and support among major UK networks. EE scored 7.6 out of 10, beating the industry average.

Does EE have the best roaming for travel?

Yes, EE provides worry-free roaming across 110 global travel destinations. Their roaming coverage is larger than that of competitors, with over 110 countries supported. EE also maintains faster available data speeds while roaming abroad.

What extra perks does EE offer?

EE entices customers with entertainment extras like access to BT Sport, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime Video through select plans. These streaming freebies give EE an advantage over rivals.

Why do experts recommend EE as the best UK mobile network?

Experts cite EE as the UK’s best mobile network because it excels across core criteria like coverage, speeds, customer service, roaming reach, and extra perks no other provider matches in totality. EE has the country’s most advanced infrastructure.

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