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Tae Technologies, formerly known as Tri Alpha Energy, is an advanced fusion energy company based in California. As a private company, Tae Technologies does not currently have publicly traded stock available on the open market. However, investors can buy shares in Tae Technologies through private equity offerings if they meet certain SEC accredited investor requirements. This article provides key information for prospective investors on how to buy stock in Tae Technologies.

Tae Technologies, headquartered in Foothill Ranch, California, is pioneering a path to cost-effective fusion energy production. Originally founded in 1998 as Tri Alpha Energy by physicists from the University of California, Irvine, the company was renamed Tae Technologies in 2021. Tae Technologies develops proprietary beam-driven field-reversed configuration (FRC) technology targeted at generating scalable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly fusion energy.

As of 2023, Tae Technologies employs over 200 scientists, engineers, and support staff working to commercialize fusion energy technology. The company has raised over $1 billion in private funding to date. Key financial backers of Tae Technologies include Enterprise Partners Venture Capital, Vulcan Capital, and Rusnano. While not yet publicly traded, Tae Technologies provides the opportunity for accredited investors to own a stake in revolutionary fusion technology through private offerings.

Understanding Tae Technologies’ Private Offerings

As Tae Technologies drives toward milestones like achieving net energy production from its reactors, it periodically raises funds by offering private stock for sale. These private investment opportunities allow accredited investors to gain equity in Tae Technologies before any potential future IPO.

Typically, private stock offerings from Tae Technologies have a high minimum buy-in, often $100,000 or more. The offerings also usually come with a multi-year lockup period restricting private share resales. In exchange for high buy-ins and lockup concessions, private investors gain valuable pre-IPO exposure to Tae Technologies’ potentially transformative proprietary fusion technology.

Over its history, Tae Technologies has offered private stock during key developmental phases to fuel expansion. As the company moves closer toward commercializing fusion power systems, investor interest and valuations continue rising ahead of any possible public listing. Understanding the mechanics of these private offerings is key for investors aiming to obtain stock in pre-IPO Tae Technologies.

Qualifying to Buy Shares in Tae Technologies

Since Tae Technologies is still private, individuals cannot simply buy or trade company stock openly on public markets. Instead, prospective investors must qualify for and participate in Tae Technologies’ sporadic private stock sales governed by SEC regulations.

The first step is meeting accredited investor status per SEC Rule 501 guidelines. To qualify as an accredited investor, individuals must demonstrate:

  • Annual income exceeding $200K individually or $300K jointly with spouse for last 2 years and expectation to reach same threshold this year
  • Net worth over $1 million individually or jointly with spouse, keep out primary residence

These strict financial requirements are designed to protect less sophisticated investors from the higher risks of private offerings. Meeting accredited investor qualification is essential for buying shares in almost any private company stock sale like those periodically offered by Tae Technologies.

Beyond clearing SEC accredited investor status, prospective stock buyers in Tae Technologies must take the following additional steps to purchase private shares:

  • Express formal interest to Tae Technologies directly declaring intent to invest a minimum amount in an upcoming offering, often $100K+
  • Provide proof of accredited investor credentials to Tae Technologies
  • Sign legal paperwork around stock purchase, including investor risk disclosures and share transfer restrictions
  • Transfer funds to complete buy-in of Tae Technologies stock at pre-established valuation

Upon satisfying these prerequisites, verified accredited investors on Tae Technologies’ radar will gain opportunity to review available private stock offerings as they occur and purchase equity at offering price.

Key Draws and Risks of Investing in Tae Technologies

Obtaining exposure through private stock in an innovative company commercializing potentially disruptive fusion reactor technology offers major upside but also substantial risk.

Key draws for investing in Tae Technologies include:

  • First mover advantage in working fusion reactor space
  • Over 24-year track record developing promising proprietary FRC technology
  • Unique hydrogen-boron fuel source designed for clean energy production
  • Veteran leadership team featuring renowned physicists and energy industry executives
  • Major financial backing from heavyweight investment partners
  • Valuations rising ahead of possible IPO in coming years

However, making a private stock investment in Tae Technologies also exposes shareholders to notable risks:

  • No guarantee commercial viability of fusion reactors will prove scalable
  • Extended lockup periods restricting private share liquidity
  • High minimum investments can deter less accredited investors
  • No assurance a public listing or exit pathway for private investors will materialize

Weighing the pioneering technology upside against uncertainty common with emerging innovations, owning a stake in Tae Technologies offers accredited investors serious about fusion’s role in the future of energy an intriguing private stock opportunity.

Exercising Stock Options After Investing in Tae Technologies

Once investors complete a Tae Technologies private stock purchase, they must manage ongoing ownership through stock options management best practices.

Tae Technologies investors should:

  • Refer to governing investment documents to understand applicable lockup periods and liquidity restrictions for owning shares
  • Familiarize with rights and responsibilities as common stock owners
  • Maintain consistent contact on company progress through provided investor communications and annual reports
  • Contact Tae Technologies leadership with any questions related to share ownership

Thorough stock options stewardship ensures investors comply with all private stock rules while tracking toward possible exit events. As with any high-risk private investment, monitoring overall fusion industry progress and Tae Technologies momentum is also critical for shareholders focused on risk-return profile associated with backing this emerging energy innovation player.


Investing in private shares of Tae Technologies provides accredited investors a unique opportunity to fund cutting-edge fusion technology development while obtaining valuable pre-IPO access. By qualifying for SEC status and participating in Tae Technologies closed private offerings as they occur, prospective shareholders can own a piece of a potential game-changing clean energy future. While substantial risk comes with the turf, buying stock in Tae Technologies delivers outsized upside for patient investors comfortable with backing a pioneering fusion reactor company poised to pay major dividends if revolutionary commercial success continues progressing.

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